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I couldn't fuck Carol, I always took care of her and this bitch didn't leave on day 34, she only ate ice cream

not yet in the current version, i also try every other choices and the result blue balls 🤣

Que ha pasado con el juego, me quedé hasta el día 34 y no hay más actualizaciones


This is hands down my favorite Renpy game. You gave us so many options where we needed it, which is super uncommon. The characters are beautiful and well flushed out. I enjoy all of the story plot points that are heavy and serious, and was happily emotionally invested.  Full support and good wishes to you Raybae <3
I hope that you find time for your own happiness and passions. 10/10


When will the next update release?





Played through this twice, the first time was regular ... just did whatever seemed right and it was ok. The second time I just focused exclusively on Maria (was nice to some of the other girls but didn't do anything with anyone but Maria) and liked it way better. 


Is the creator gonna continue this game


Loved it. the story the sex all of it.

Read somewhere that the guy behind it need to charge up before he continues, really hope he will get it soon cause I really want him to continue.

Hope we will see an update soon. 


Is this game abandoned? that would suck


He's in hiatus

I check this every week for a new update... :(


i just want to ask do i have sex with sam if i play my cards right 


What's the bonus render's? are they added scenes for the game or just added content that doesn't affect the gam?

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Really curious about where the Sam route is going hehe


Tried to become a patron on Patreon but it says you arent allowing any new subscribers?? Is this intentional or a glitch?


According to the Patron blog-- he is suffering from some burnout issues. Unlike other Patron's who just leave hanging while paying, he is suspending collecting payments or patron's until he refreshes himself. However, he still has a love for his characters, as we all do, and promises to come back.


How close would you say the game is to completion?
Is it worth it to hold out for a bit before trying to play it all at once,
or does it still have years to go before the final update drops?

How close to completion? Not anywhere close! The game is still introducing characters when it finishes the current content.

It sucks, because this was a good game. But it's probably dead. I guess the dev promised to come back when he no longer feels burned out, but there is no guarantee that will ever happen.


Gotta appreciate that, rarely dev do that


I played a month ago and this game is great. the storyline and the animations are designed really good. Waiting for the next update


Maids and Maidens - Win/Linux 3 GB
the link doesn't seem to work

Worked fine for me.


Well, (spoiler free) just got done. Missing like 5 things, so gonna run it again, but I had a feeling that ending for this version would be a huge possibility around the middle of the game, just by the way i played it. All I wanna say is, hopefully a certain character does get that to happen to her also. So much potential on how all this plays out now. Dev, you did a great job story telling, mixing in the sex stuff also. You rank up there in top dog for story telling, and top 3 for overall. I've played a few of these so far, and you and one other (won't name drop as I respect your work) are the best at this. Keep up the great work. Hopefully we get to see the next update soon, as I wanna see how this continues.


I knew  it was coming sooner or later question is is ally next or my maid maybe that gets ally to stay i like her

Fun story. Having to run 2 versions, one more naughty than the other, IMO.

Also, spoiler free, I caught onto the twist at the end of this update pretty quickly. I just guessed really early in game play. Nothing wrong with that, just nice to be right.


For real.. i thought i get some "fun" with this but actually the story is so well written it catched me more than the "fun" part. The "fun" part is like the cherry on top in between.

VERY VERY well made! Looking forward for the Updates!


Love the game, but really? Giving a heavily pregnant woman Pizza and cookies and soda?!!!!! Couldn't you have drawn meat and vegetables or something! I found it annoying and just plain bad information to gamers!


Better than giving her pickles


That's all you have to say?!

Deleted 13 days ago
(2 edits) want games to teach you a healthier way to live. I guess that you would like porn games to force monogamy onto the MC. In fact NO SEXUAL SITUATIONS until both the MC and the LI have been to the doctor and received a thorough and complete physical and STD tests. Have the MC in bed every night at 8:30pm sharp. No alcohol or drugs. Use condoms and/or birth control pills. Make sure that their diet is nutritionally sound, with no more than 1800 calories per day. They should work out at the gym regularly. Ride a bicycle everywhere. And they should probably also grow their own vegetables in order to guarantee that the "organic" produce that they eat is actually organic.

That sounds super fun and exciting! Dumbass.

How about teaching people to enjoy their lives, and NOT being a preachy little bitch? That seems like the ideal way to make a game, a book, a movie, an internet post, or pretty much anything.

Deleted 13 days ago

Let me quote some dumbass named 'Merlin:' "As much as I wanted to laugh at you're post, you are right.  Games have the opportunity to teach the gamers a healthier way to live." D'oh!

YOU are the one that said Johnny was right for wanting games to teach people a healthier lifestyle.

Furthermore, that you are a Patreon simp for 25 games PROVES that you haven't got the sense that God gave to a rock.

Ha ha ha ha  ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Oh, Merlin, deleting your own posts is the very height of cowardice.

It's perfect for you.


Ever heard of cravings? NEVER tell a pregnanat woman what to eat, or are you suicidal? 

Maybe you need to experience life a little more before you start giving advice.

Well, at least I'm not the only respondent that isn't a virgin.

Yes, my partner and I had 3 kids, so we know about cravings. You might like to know is while she says a pregnant woman "could eat any old shit", she agreed that the combination chosen in the game was "unrealistic".

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Yes. Pizza, cookies, and soda. What an unrealistic combination of foods.

Apparently both you AND your partner are retarded. May God help those little idiots that you claim to have sired. Their ONLY chance is that your partner has been cucking you with Neil DeGrasse-Tyson!

I'm a MAN, I can't even possibly get pregnant. But those items would be an acceptable Saturday night dinner/dessert combination.


personally i took the food selection as a tongue n cheek joke of stereotypical pregnant junkfood

Why can't pregnant women have pizza, cookies, and soda?

What kind of idiot thinks that the food depicted in a video game (especially porn) is an educational guide?

What kind of moron thinks that pregnant women should be kept on a strict diet with no tasty junk food.

The good news for you, Johnny, is that you'll die a virgin. Otherwise, you would be bankrupted simply due to the number of divorces in your future.

See my post above. Married with 3 kids....! Obviously you're the 60-year-old virgin. Not me!

(2 edits)

Oh my, it was said on the internet, so it MUST be true! It's a good thing that there is no way to post false information in one of these forums. LMAO

If you were actually married with 3 kids, you would KNOW that getting between a pregnant woman and her cravings is the quickest way to divorce court, or maybe the morgue.

Hell, if you had an IQ even into the low double digits, you would know that video games are meant to be light hearted entertainment, NOT vehicles for social conditioning.

I truly hope that you are lying about having kids. Otherwise, with you guiding their development, they will grow up too stupid to remember to breathe.


keep making this game its soooo good


When will the version 0.11 is coming ????

At least don't use game-generated honey select girls


Is this game completed?

no, not yet.

Most likely not ever.


Are there any games similar to this? where i can choose a slave/master relationship with someone?


There is one I know of where you don't choose but you will a relationship of that sort with dozens of girls for certain and is not an option, it's called hero's party must fall.


"Cosy Café "...

What a great little game that is.


this game is easily in my top 10 AVN's of all time. It's sad that updates are long in between but they are always worth it. I have already replayed this 3 times and it's still captivating me. I always lose track of time because of it. So i really commend the creator for being able to do this. And i'm saying this while having read a lot of AVN's.

So kuddo's and i hope the next update will come shortly :D


Love the game but I just have two things I have to get off my chest. Firstly, the phrase is "have a seat" not "have a sit"(Sounds too much like 'have a shit'). Secondly, where on Earth do you live that children can inherit debt? The worse thing that can happen is that the remaining debt will be paid off by the assets of the estate which means the children may get less or nothing of their inheritance but virtually never will they be held responsible for debt incurred by parents, at least in the states. 

It's common across the Middle East, western Asia, and Africa for debts to be inherited. It actually forms a legal slavery system in many developing countries.


For those wondering of the games status, this is a half rip from the patreon page

"Progress Update: December 2023

4 days ago (as of 01/03/24)

Hello everyone, Progress for Maids and Maidens v0.11 is going well. More than 80% of the writing is complete and about 500 renders have now..."

So it's still in progress, it has not died


Is this dead? If yes pretty sad considering it felt super promising


Check Pateron if you want to know the current progress.

(1 edit) (+2)

Finished the story...left us on a cliff hanger lol.  Is more coming??

(1 edit) (+4)

I wasn't sure about this one when I started it but I have to say it is fantastic. I really love the writing and the characterization is great. It's very intersting, at times very funny and at times sad. The best thing about it so far for me is the pacing. Best pacing I have seen in a game like this in awhile. So thank you. I'm happy I purchsed it. Keep it up :-)

*edit - the only complaint I have is the protagonists skin looks really pasty and off color. Very odd looking to me at least.


Is pregnancy an option?


I agree it should be


Can't wait for next update, next time I get some spare cash I'll donate towards your goal. 
P.S. Please in the future after Carla has her baby let us put one in her. I'll raise the ex's kid but I want her to give us one of our own. Keep up the great work!

i really like this game. good job. btw can i ask you somethin? i started to learn how to creat VNs. would you mind sharing with me which programs you are using for the renderings of the chars and background? Have a nice day!

When is final update and suggesting more fetish on the game including Exhibitionism, face sitter, thighjobs, BDSM bondage, threesome, public s3x  .etc


Hi I'm Newbie here but i just finishing your game in android and i love it your game and i like the maids girl. Sorry i play download only for free but can ask when updates coming on android free download i love your game🙏☺️


tried downloading the twice, says corrupt when I try to extract it on windows

Make sure you have enough space on you comp and that your internet has no hiccups during download. Both of these issues can mess up a file download super easy. I Had to download the last update of my family farm like 8 or 9 times. sometimes it just be like that.

buy yourself a usb or external drive, to house the games off computer proper and make sure your clearing yer recycle bin often. once extracted and clicked first time select run game after authorizing it, just read the popup. after first load, can just play it normally thru the computer while its not technically on it, rather beside it. message me if have issues




I updated the game and lost my saves any way to get them back. Im on mobile


All I'm gonna say is Laura. If you know, you know

This game is really great, and it doesn't get the recognition it deserves

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